Finance Council

The Finance Council is selected by the Pastor to assist him in the administration of the property and finances of the parish.

Canon 537 in the revised Code requires a finance council in each parish, subject to special norms established by the Bishop and composed of members of the parish selected according to those norms.

The Finance Committee reviews all income and expenses of the parish and proposes a budget for each fiscal year to the Pastor and Pastoral Council for final approval.

The Finance Committee consists of the Pastor and 6-10 lay members. The lay members are appointed by the Pastor after consultation with the Committee. They serve for a period of 3 years, and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Anyone interested in serving on the Committee should contact the Pastor.

Pastor Fr. Hao Dinh
Chairperson Doris Atkinson
Secretary Michael Atkinson
Member Marie Maraschin
Member Caroline Prasad
Member Ligi Vinod


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